Saudi Arabia key in cardamom despite rivals’ gains

GUATEMALAN cardamom exports were nearly 8% higher in 2009, as sales to top destination Saudi Arabia recovered from the dip witnessed in the first half of the year.

Sales to Saudi Arabia between January and June last year were 34% down from the same period of 2008 (see , September 7, 2009, page 5). However, by the end of the year, exports to Syria were lagging behind by only 13.8% at 7,679 tonnes.

The United Arab Emirates maintained a hefty volume of purchases to take 4,292 tonnes in the 2009 period against 2,836 tonnes earlier. Elsewhere in the Middle East, Syria remained prominent, increasing its acquisitions by 23.7%, but Jordan showed a 26% reduction in interest.

Asia continues to be another keydestination, with Pakistan upping its purchases by nearly 180%, Bangladesh by 9.25% and India by 6.85%.

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