Nutritional Composition of Celery

Nutritional Composition of Celery Seed per 100 g

CompositionUSDA Handbook 8-2 (Seed)ASTA
Water (g)6.045.0
Food energy (kcal)392450
Protein (g)18.0718.0
Fat (g)25.2722.8
Carbohydrates (g)41.3543.8
Ash (g)9.2710.2
Calcium (g)1.7671.8
Phosphorus (mg)547550
Sodium (mg)160170
Potassium (mg)14001400
Iron (mg)44.944.9
Thiamine (mg)--0.41
Riboflavin (mg)--0.49
Niacin (mg)--4.4
Ascorbic acid (mg)17.1417
Vitamin A activity (RE)55
Composition of Foods, Spices and Herbs. USDA Agricultural Handbook 8-2, January 1977.
The Nutritional Composition of Spices. ASTA Research Committee February 1977.
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