Indian Spices Board supports state cardamom expansion

Arunachal Pradesh, India, has signed a memorandum of understanding with the country’s Spices Board, to cultivate spices.

The initial focus is on large cardamom.

According to the agreement, the state government will allot space for a board office, in its district horticulture offices in major spices-growing areas, free of cost. It will give land in three suitable areas for the establishment of model nurseries for large cardamom.

The state government will allot 25 acres of land for the establishment of a centre of excellence in large cardamom research, a common facility centre, training centre, a quality testing laboratory and demonstration plots having accessibility to road, electricity, water and other infrastructure.

The state will include spice development as its “flagship programme” and provide additional subsidy – if required – at up to 50% of the cost, on replanting and maintenance during the gestation period as approved by the board to growers who take up the plantation of large cardamom for area expansion, the release said.

The state government will make available the services of the horticulture department to implement the programme, in addition to translating board-published literature on the cultivation of large cardamom into local languages.

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