India has successful year on turmeric exports

Indian turmeric exports remained strong last year being only marginally behind the levels of 2014 and comfortably ahead of the 2013 volumes.

Customs data shows that the major turmeric producer shipped a total of 83,890 tonnes to global destinations in 2015 compared with 86,728 tonnes in 2014.

Exports to leading market Iran rose 20.5% to 11,697 tonnes while those to second top buyer Malaysia were 1.8% up at 6,216 tonnes.

There was a modest 5.2% dip in sales to the UAE while those to the US gained 7.9%.

Buying interest from Sri Lanka and the UK has risen in 2014 and 2015. Last year, shipments to Sri Lanka increased 13.8% to 5,004 tonnes and those to the UK were up 10.1% to 3,806 tonnes.

Exports to the Netherlands gained 34.8% to 2,681 tonnes. As usual, in view of the major role of this destination as a transhipment hub it is possible that at least some of this quantity was destined for re-export elsewhere.

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