Cumin Seed

India completes cumin seed plantings

Sowing of Cumin Seed has been Finished across Major Growing Regions in India, Olam Spices & Vegetable Ingredients said in its January 21 Spices Market Report.

The company explained that Gujarat reported a 4.7% Drop versus last year, completing plantings over 278,000 hectares compared with 292,000 ha in 2016. The planted area in Rajasthan is also likely to be low, based on initial reports. Due to better ground water levels, yield is likely to be 10% higher than last year and can influence or compensate the market sentiments, according to Olam Spices.

The company said that weather conditions are currently favorable but it is crucial that this remains the case for another 15 days for better fruit development, setting and maturity.

Although arrivals in Unjha in 2016 were better than those of the previous year, good domestic and export demand supported the price levels and meant that there would be limited carry forward for 2018.

Arrivals in Unjha so far in January had reached 2,400 tonnes while those in Jodhpur were at 150 tonnes.

Olam Spices expects prices to be range bound with no major volatility during March. Stockists prefer to liquidate inventories at the current better price levels from the export sector, the company observed.

Farm grade cumin seed was listed at INR170 (USD2.49) per kilo.

Grinding quality of 96% purity was quoted at INR175/kg; 98% pure Singapore machine cleaned at INR183/kg; 99% Singapore machine cleaned at INR185/kg; 99.5% Singapore machine cleaned at INR187/kg; 99.5% Europe machine cleaned at INR192/kg; 99.5% Europe sortex cleaned at INR197/kg; 99.5% Europe sortex cleaned and allergen free at INR205/kg; and 99.5% integrated pest management produced and sortex cleaned, allergen free at INR215/kg.

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