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Cassia availability still limited at local level

Availability of cassia in Kerinci is still relatively limited, Cassia Co-op said in a recent report.

“After Ramadan farmers resumed harvesting. It takes a few weeks to harvest a field. The trees are not in a growing phase – no red buds – which is a good period to peel the cassia barks,” the company stated.

Cassia Co-op noted that the weather is dry and therefore good for sun drying. There is fierce pricing competition among collectors and exporters in order to snap up any inventories available.

“This factor creates strength in the local market. Farmers are getting used to earning a higher price for their crop and are reluctant to discount. They prefer to hold on to their stock if need be,” the company observed.

Cassia Co-op concluded that it expects the local stock in Sumatra to increase in the coming weeks but also anticipates continued firm prices for the rest of 2015.

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